Breaking the Cycle of Violence

If You Decide to Stay With Your Abuser

  • Domestic Violence does not just go away.  It will happen again.  Protect yourself and your children by taking precautionary measures.
  • Have an extra set of keys made and keep hem outside or with a trusted neighbor.
  • Pack an emergency kit with things you and your children may need if you have to leave in a hurry, such as: clothing, toothbrush, diapers, etc.  Keep this hidden in a safely accessible location (neighbor, garage).
  • Try to put some money aside.  If possible, start a checking and savings account even if the amount is only a few dollars.  Make sure to have the statements sent somewhere else.
  • Make copies of legal papers, bank books, insurance papers, children’s birth certificates, etc and keep with emergency kit.
  • Work out a signal to a neighbor to call for help.
  • During an attack, try to get out and run for help.  If it doesn’t look like you can get out, go to a room that can be locked or barricaded, hopefully a room with a telephone.
  • Develop a support network.  Counseling, support groups, and social activities that develop self-esteem and self-worth are important.
  • Read all you can about Domestic Violence.  You are not alone.  There is an alternative.  No one deserves to be hit.
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